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How to Craft a Perfect Email

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Although email has been around for 56 years, companies are testing daily how to craft a perfect email. An email that will engage their audience and follow through with the actions the marketer wants. With the tens of emails people get a day, it can be difficult to stand above the rest. Starting from the top down, we will break out how to level up your email writing so you can craft a perfect email.


The first thing your users see from an email is who it is from. Most email services highlight this information more than other email sections whether that be setting the ‘from’ above the subject or bolded. If you have multiple names or iterations for your company, make sure you take some time to think of how your most of your users refer to you and your company.  If users are unable to recognize the name above the email, they will most likely not open it.


The subject line tells the reader what the email is about; it gives them a snippet to help them decide if they want to read through. Taking the time to create a dynamic subject line can exponentially grow your open and click-through rates. To entice your users to open, focus on the benefits of the product or information you are displaying to users. Show how this email will positively impact their life, be that in an informational or promotional way. Length does not show to have a massive effect on open rates but subject lines with 28-39 characters seem to do marginally better. Make sure the subject line is accurate to the email. If the subject line is irrelevant to the email, users may feel tricked and stop reading.


The preheader allows for another line of description underneath the subject line. With higher character count, you can add informational value to play off your subject line. By using the preheader to create a cohesive story with the subject line, users have a small snippet of the greater email in a neatly organized notification.


Start your email by explaining the point of it. Is it to provide them with new and exciting information? Is it to give them an out-of-this-world promotion? Giving them a clear indication of what the email is about relays a level of trust between the user and the marketer. Readers understand what the email will comprise of, giving them more information to make the decision to read on or not.


Who has ever read an email that looks more like a novel? Massive blocks of text that you hardly take in or just closing it all together. Although we would like to think otherwise, humans have quite a small attention span. By overloading your email with copy, you can turn users off very easily. Think of the audience you are trying to engage: are you sending a technical paper to experts in the field or a promotional deal to a regular user? How you present your ideas has just as big an impact as the ideas themselves; if users become confused or bored by your language, they will click away. Try using graphics to relay more complex concepts instead of going into a convoluted explanation.


Although it may seem like a small thing, people love seeing their own name; they like to feel special and that the email is specifically crafted for them. To craft the perfect email, you should work to add personalization to create a sense of connection between your company and the reader. OtherLevels’ Intelligent Messaging Platform aids in easily adding personalization to all your emails with our key player attribution and segmentation to provide readers with relevant content based on their explicit and implied preferences.


What do you want your reader to do after they open your email? Do you want them just to read through or do you want them to click on a link back to your website? Do you want them to start their registration or redeem a bonus? By keeping this after-email action in mind, lead your users’ actions by bluntly laying out what exactly they should do. By adding a call to action, emails see a jump in clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. Call to actions need to be direct and concise in language in order to be effective.

With Otherlevels’ sophisticated API’s, our drag and drop email builder and our team of experts, you can craft a perfect email easily! Add videos and pictures with our rich content capabilities and our premade templates. Reaching users with relevant content is OtherLevels’ overall goal because relevancy translates to growth!

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