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New Sportsbook Engagement Platform Brings the Playing Field to You

It’s a great time to be a sports fan in the US, especially if you like some action in your games. Legal sports betting options increase every day as new states introduce and pass legislation to bring sports wagering to their residents. And, as the availability and adoption of sports betting continue growing, sports betting marketing is becoming more advanced.

You’ve probably noticed an increase in ads for online sportsbooks and betting apps in the past few years. You’re not imagining it; online sports betting television advertising has skyrocketed since 2019. But paid media is not the only way sports betting marketing is evolving.

Think of your favorite online sportsbook. Most likely, they’ve sent you emails or in-session ads for bonuses or promotions designed to drive registrations and deposits, the kind of sorta-personalized marketing you see every day on social media or ecommerce websites. That’s driven by basic customer engagement software built for consumer goods brands and retailers. But it’s not built for the excitement of live sports or the dynamic nature of sports betting.

Advanced marketing = more action

Now, there’s a new generation of marketing tools that lets your online sportsbook or betting app engage you as a sports fan more often. Including before, during and after the game – really any time you’re not actively in session. These tools use sophisticated technology to deliver personal, relevant betting opportunities and propositions, combining live odds, game state and your previous betting behaviors and preferences in real-time – just like you do in-app or on-site.

These new sports-powered experiences are created by OtherLevels, a next-generation Sports Engagement Platform designed to activate sportsbook players that are not in session. OtherLevels are engagement specialists with years of experience working with operators including Caesars, Golden Nugget, Ladbrokes and Betfred. With the new Sports Engagement Platform, they set out to re-create the immediacy and excitement of live in-game wagering.

What’s in it for you?

When a sportsbook uses OtherLevels’ platform, sports fans and bettors get more relevant content and betting opportunities delivered automatically. It’s like a personal playing field was designed just for you. It’s personalized, relevant, exciting and live. And it feels just like an extension of the sportsbook experience.

For your sportsbook, it gets the benefit of sending you marketing content it knows you’ll appreciate and engage with, as opposed to an anonymous TV ad that’s exponentially more expensive or annoying or irrelevant emails you’ll delete without reading.

Here’s an example:

It’s the third quarter of the Monday Night game, and your favorite team is in front. You already bet on them to cover with your favorite online sportsbook before the game, and it’s looking good. Suddenly, you get a message from the sportsbook operator offering you an over/under prop bet that your team’s QB will pass for 375 yards. His last completion just put him over 300 yards for the game. At +250, you think that’s a good bet, and you take it. By the time the game ends, your team has won, your QB threw for 405 yards and 3 TDs, and your wallet just got fatter.

But consider the magic that was needed to send you that message. The platform knew your favorite team was playing, that you were in the game with a bet on, had previously backed the QB, and that your team’s QB was approaching a yardage threshold for a gripping opportunity. It was one of dozens of possible engagement moments that the platform was dynamically generating, but sophisticated processing selected that message just for you.

That’s the future of online sports betting. More personalized. More immediate. More sports-powered opportunities to play the way you want to. And it’s coming to your favorite online sportsbook or betting app soon.

This article has been reposted from US Betting Report.