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Pro Tip: Campaign Categorization

Are you categorizing your campaigns?

Having a system of clear naming conventions for your campaigns is critical when it comes to analyzing your data.

By using OtherLevels Campaign Categorization right within our dashboard, organizing and assessing campaign performance has never been easier. In addition to seeing your campaign events broken down by various metrics, you’ll have no trouble keeping your campaigns in order.

Campaign categories and subcategories can be added to the Campaign Details page and should follow a specific hierarchy and format.

We recommend developing your naming convention and urging universal adoption from your team for the best results, this includes adhering to same spelling, capitalization and spacing.

Examples of message categories will vary by industry but can include for example:

  • Promotions
  • News & General Announcements
  • Jackpot Alert
  • Registration Campaigns

Further subcategories are optional, but can include information such as the specific name and/or date of the message.

If you launch a campaign and without categorization data, or want to add the information to past messages, no worries! This info can be added no matter the state of a message.

All categorization info can be pulled from our QuickSights reports for further analysis.

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