OtherLevels Inks Partnership with BlueCats, Boosting Expertise in Beacon, Wireless Technologies

OtherLevels is deepening its expertise in the field of messaging through a recently announced partnership with BlueCats Australia Pay Ltd.

BlueCats is a specialized Proximity as a Service (PaaS) provider, with solutions that leverage both beacon and wireless technologies to support messages and communications to mobile-empowered customers. Bolstered by OtherLevels’ focus on digital marketing and personalised messaging, the BlueCats partnership give both companies the ability to accelerate the deployment of their respective platforms to help clients deliver a fully-integrated marketing solution that combines messaging and location.

Via mobile apps, beacons, email, desktop, in-app and location-based messages, our platform is able to help wagering, igaming, hospitality and retail clients craft, test and deliver messages to their customers to strengthen engagement, interest and activity.

BlueCats supplies, manages and supports the BlueCats beacon, beacon network and a proximity service layer, and like OtherLevels, recognizes the importance of delivering messages to mobile customers that are personal, relevant and driven by location – factors that have shown to increase engagement, boost business outcomes and revenue, and retain customers.

We will leverage the partnership to explore even more successful and engagement messaging opportunities in its key iGaming, wagering, and hospitality sectors; BlueCats clients also cover retail, transport, banking and other sectors.

Read the full announcement here.

Opt-Out Guidelines Hold True in the Travel, Hospitality Sectors as Well, notes TravelPulse

TravelPulse recently featured our white paper on push notifications and opt-out behaviors, offering special insights to travel agents, hoteliers and marketers as they approach the mobile environment and push notifications.

Citing recent travel-related studies (e.g., Forrester) and consumer trends, editors of the publication point out that travel-focused marketers are trying to accommodate travelers’ desires for satisfying mobile communications, with some marketers anticipating the shift of push notifications from smartphones and tablets to mobile-enabled TVs, automobiles, game consoles, wearables and other technologies/devices.

Regardless of how messages are delivered or to which devices, the findings of our “Hung Up on Opt-Outs?” white paper holds true across different verticals (such as travel), mobile formats and numerous channels: marketers will have the best success in the mobile environment if they focus on the 50% of travelers who opt in for mobile messages and push notifications – especially the 20% at the top who are most engaged, most active and have already indicated a willingness to spend. Those consumers and travelers represent the segment that should be targeted to receive the most messages and most marketing attention, because they are most likely to continue to engage with travel brands, spend more and deepen their loyalty toward brands.

And regardless of the industry, the same concepts hold true for push notifications: marketers need to focus on making mobile messages personal, relevant and timely in order to catch customers, passengers, travelers, igamers and others at their mobile moments of opportunity and engagement.

Read the full TravelPulse article here.

Infographic Provides At-a-Glance Guide for Optimum Opt-in/Opt-Out Strategies

An infographic version of our recent white paper, titled “Hung Up On Opt-Outs? Time to Opt In to a New Mobile Messaging Strategy,” can be viewed here at our website.

The infographic touches on the highlights of the white paper, which encourages mobile marketers to focus their energy and messages on high-value, already engaged, opted-in consumers who are most likely to bring more success to the brand. They are far more valuable audiences – and worthy of more messages and attention – than the smaller pool of disengaged consumers who might decide to opt out.

We published the white paper earlier this year to address concerns among some mobile marketers, especially those who were scaling back mobile campaigns because of a concern that some consumers might opt out.

The infographic, like the white paper, provides step-by-step context, insights and helpful tips for reaching out to opted-in consumers, including marketers’ use of mobile messages beyond push notifications to connect with consumers and encourage them to engage more actively with brands.

Consumers who originally opted out, the infographic reminds, can be retargeted at later dates with follow-up invitations or incentives to opt back in.

Find the full white paper here, and the accompanying infographic here.

Data Can Create Emotional Connections with Online Gamers, Players

Data and emotions: what do they have in common within the mobile gaming environment?

A lot, especially when mobile marketers mine the value of data to craft mobile messages that create emotional connections with their gamers and players.

The topic is explored in-depth this past week in my guest column in Gambling Insider.

The mobile environment provides plenty of data for mobile marketers to help them understand who their customers and gamers are, and further help them start mobile conversations, in essence, to encourage more activity, more spending and deeper engagement in pursuit of greater brand loyalty.

As the article points out:  “When mobile communication lines are established, both parties are poised to get what they want: gamers/players receive rewarding, exciting and relevant offers, notices and invitations, and marketers earn the trust and loyalty of players and gamers who are active, engaged and willing to spend their time and money.”

Mobile marketing data is readily available – from apps, players’ devices, database, business intelligence, loyalty programs, shopping carts and other sources. It’s up to marketers to collect it, analyse it and turn it loose to create emotional connections that deliver results – more activity, more engagement and more spending.

Is your mobile marketing program taking advantage of data to create emotional connections with your customers, gamers and mobile app users?

OtherLevels seals deal with first U.S. wagering customer

OtherLevels has inked a deal to provide its mobile marketing platform and services to its first U.S. wagering customer. OtherLevels will work with BetAmerica, which offers digital wagering on thoroughbred horse and harness racing, greyhound racing and fantasy sports games – all of which are legal in some U.S. states.

Through the partnership, BetAmerica will use the OtherLevels platform to target customers with mobile messages, especially as the gaming/wagering sector increasingly shifts to mobile devices. We help our clients use data from its own resources and the mobile environment to engage customers through in-app alerts, push notifications and text messages, with a focus on messages that are personalized, relevant and timely.

As I told CMO.com/Australia this week: “As the U.S. market begins to ease restrictions on real money wagering, often referred to as iGaming, we are seeing a new wave of companies looking to take advantage of the growing wagering opportunity.”

According to its website, North Dakota-based BetAmerica is a subsidiary of Lien Games Racing LLC, a licensed, regulated wagering service provider.

Read the full article here.