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OtherLevels At A Glance

Founded in 2012, with offices and customers in Australia, the USA and UK, OtherLevels operates a second generation digital marketing Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) business that enables leading enterprises to communicate with their users on mobile and smart devices.

OtherLevels targets enterprise customers and aims to build long-term relationships with those customers, to support recurring revenues and revenue growth.

OtherLevels already tracks over 8 billion messages per month for its existing customers in the mobile gaming, mobile wagering, and membership and loyalty sectors.

OtherLevels also provides training, implementation, report customisation and other enterprise services as additional revenue opportunities to the core SaaS platform.

OtherLevels enables an enterprise to transform its marketing function from older first generation approaches, such as email and SMS, to a wider range of more personalised and relevant formats for mobile and smart devices. An enterprise using the OtherLevels platform is able to measure the behaviours of its audience across a range of digital channels such as apps, mobile web and desktop, maximising engagement by delivering the right content, to the right user, at the right time.

The OtherLevels platform is a highly scalable cloud-based platform delivered to enterprises via a SaaS solution. It is underpinned by OtherLevels proprietary software and systems that capture and analyse data from user activities.

OtherLevels is seeking to take advantage of the rapid shift to smart devices - of which the mobile phone is the leading example - and to leverage the way in which smart devices provide detailed feedback on user behaviour. This data, termed ‘analytics’, if harnessed correctly, significantly enhances the marketing conversations that an enterprise may have with its users.