Intelligent Messaging

Real-time Multi-channel Messaging built to maximize reach and engagement.

Ingest real-time events and data seamlessly and dynamically create target audiences. Optimize campaigns in minutes and intuitively create personalized real-time customer journeys integrated with live experiences. Deliver owned media at scale to both known and unknown customers using a mix of opted-in and no opt-in messaging types.

Web & App Messaging

Reach more customers across more channels for desktop and mobile.

You can target your customers on mobile or desktop web, too, with traditional in-page options like Popups and Banners, or mail capabilities via Inbox and Email.

Web Push Notifications allow you to engage your customers – even anonymous ones – as they’re browsing the web, without needing to be on your site.

Native integration across platforms means you’re able to take advantage of the latest messaging options.

Use App Push Notifications, Alerts and SMS, to reach your customers and encourage them to engage with your site or app.

Interstitial and Inbox messages are used to provide engaging, rich content, for your app or website, and can be crafted directly in the OtherLevels dashboard.

Location Messaging

Understand and react to your customer’s movements.

Marketing to customers based on their current or previous location is an excellent way to create personalized experiences. The continuing shift to mobile devices means an abundance of location-based data is now freely available.

Enhance your user’s experience and encourage engagement using Geo Fences, to send contextually relevant messages as they enter or exit a specific region.

Event Messaging

Real-time, event-triggered messaging with up-to-the-minute content and audience segmentation.

Event Engine gives you the ability to engage your audience in the moment, by triggering messages via an action and dynamically populating them with up-to-the-minute content. Deliver hyper-contextual content to the right audience, at the right time.

Event Engine allows you to launch messages via an event (e.g. goal scored, sale open, flight delayed). It allows both the message content and the audience to be specified dynamically, in real-time, either being provided along with the initial trigger, or being pulled from an external source, such as a 3rd party content provider.

Smart Messaging

Automatically anticipate the best delivery options based on audience behavior.

Predicting which strategies will be most effective for each individual customer is hard, time-consuming and costly.

Effective customer targeting and personalization has grown increasingly important but also increasingly complex. Intelligent Messaging takes away the complexity with automated channel selection and delivery for maximum engagement.