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OtherLevels Expands Use of Real-time In-Play Module

OtherLevels, has announced that it has expanded its partnership with a major European wagering operator, with the signing of a further contract for the use of the OtherLevels In-Play Module.

The contract includes the use of the In-Play module for sports, such as football, tennis and horse racing.

The OtherLevels In-Play module dynamically triggers messages to the operator’s users, based on events within a match or race; resulting in highly relevant, personalised “in the moment” offers. This generates increased wagering revenue, more engaged audiences and is achieved without further staffing or manual processing. OtherLevels’ detailed attribution capabilities mean that the operator is able to directly measure increased lift and outcomes; and attribute directly to In-Play messaging.

Brendan O’Kane, OtherLevels Managing Director, commented “We are very pleased to add another In-Play client. In-Play for wagering operators is a major component of our Intelligent Messaging strategy to enable our clients to engage with their audience in the moment, with the right content and using the best channel. We see more and more clients across wagering, travel and hospitality using highly personalised relevant content delivered at the right time, as a differentiator when engaging with their audiences. OtherLevels is delivering world class capabilities bringing together high-volume event streams, audience segmentation, message content and channel selection”.

O’Kane added “OtherLevels goal is to be the digital messaging partner of choice for all of our clients whether it be maximising the conversion of unknown visitors, or engaging audiences at the right time with the best content and using the best channel.”

OtherLevels will be demonstrating their In-Play Messaging Solution at
Betting on Sports conference in London between 18-21 September, 2018.

If you’d like to learn more about OtherLevels’ In-Play Messaging or interested in a demo, contact us.