Say Hello to MaRu!

The team at OtherLevels is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Marketing Bot, MaRu, at your service! 

MaRu utilizes the power of OpenAI to provide written marketing assistance in real-time.

Located in your client dashboard, MaRu is here to help you generate and refine marketing copy for your campaigns. Simply type in your idea and let MaRu do the heavy lifting. 

Not sure where to start? Give MaRu the basics of what you’re looking for and the desired parameters for the response. 

From there, MaRu can ideate and create new versions of your copy based on your input.For example, you can ask MaRu to “!write an upbeat, excited announcement for a new marketing bot program with three happy emojis between 300 and 500 characters” and leave the rest to the pro.

If it’s not quite hitting the spot, let MaRu run it again and come up with something new.

What else can MaRu do? Let’s look!

!write to generate copy from an idea

!rewrite to optimize inserted copy

!another to create another version from /write

!edit with new provided parameters for copy output

!undo to remove your most recent change copy request

!restart to go back to your original copy or idea

!help to get assistance with a command you’d like more information about

MaRu is available immediately for all our clients! Feel free to reach out to your OtherLevels Account team. You can also learn more by contacting us at