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Pro Tip: Using Tags and Event Labels for iGaming

Enhance Your Audience Understanding with OtherLevels

How well do you know your audience? With OtherLevels, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding.

Personalized Messaging with Tags and Events

OtherLevels empowers you to send tailored messages to individual users based on their preferences and behaviors using Tags and Events.

Tags represent the user’s personal attributes, such as first name, registration date, loyalty program level, and more. They enable dynamic segmentation (e.g., user loyalty level) and personalized messaging (e.g., “Hello {User First Name}”).

Events are actions taken by users on your website or app, recorded via the OtherLevels SDKs (available for Android, iOS, and JavaScript). For instance, when a user makes a deposit, a depositCompleted event is logged.

Automated Messaging with Event Engine

The OtherLevels Event Engine allows for automatic message triggering based on events. For example, when a user triggers the registration event in a deposit conversion campaign, a countdown starts to send a message. If the user hasn’t completed a deposit by the end of the countdown, they receive a gentle reminder about the benefits of making a deposit.

Enhanced Segmentation with Event Labels

Each event can include an event label, which provides additional details about the event (e.g., deposit type, deposit amount, first-time deposit, or recurring deposit). This data can further segment your audience. For example, you can easily message all users who have made deposits totaling over $500 in the last two days. With OtherLevels’ DataX, events can be collected at the transactional level, giving real-time access to the entire history of events, including payload data.

Campaign Attribution

Events are also attributed to campaigns. In our deposit conversion campaign scenario, when a user engages with a message, any subsequent events are attributed to that campaign. This allows you to track whether users complete deposits and the total deposit amounts linked to the campaign.

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