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OtherLevels Selected to Maximise Conversion and Acquisition

OtherLevels Holdings Limited, (“OtherLevels”), has been selected by one of Australia’s most iconic not-for-profit organisations to deliver increased website conversions and acquisitions.

OtherLevels will create visitor conversion journeys using interstitial and web push messaging formats to engage with unknown visitors, and drive site re-visitation as well as conversion into known registered users. This will generate increased revenues for good causes, particularly improving the lives of young Australians.

“We are very pleased to work with this organisation. OtherLevels partners with leading global lotteries, and understands the value of delivering great outcomes for good causes. We know the direct benefits of increasing visitor conversion and acquisition. The combination of web push and interstitial messaging will directly increase the number of known users leading to higher revenues, and reduce the expense of re-targeting site visitors using paid media.” – Brendan O’Kane, OtherLevels Managing Director

O’Kane added “OtherLevels goal is help each and every client grow and retain their known audience across desktop, mobile web and app. This is another great example of how Intelligent Messaging can achieve that goal, and consequently increase revenues and reduce costs. It also confirms the opportunity to leverage our deep experience with global lotteries into further opportunities with organisations in Australia and the UK that operate licenced lotteries for good causes.“

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