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How In-Play Messaging Can Increase Your Match Revenue

In-Play betting continues to grow, as does the need for personalised, relevant real-time player engagement, which can be so instrumental with regards to those all important retention figures.

Brendan O’Kane, Managing Director of OtherLevels, spoke at Betting on Sports Conference last week in London about the advantages of In-Play and event-based marketing messaging and it’s effectiveness on increasing overall betting revenue.

There are simply tens of thousands of matches and fixtures per year across dozens of sports and leagues, from professional leagues and international matches, down to college football and local, minor league teams. These markets are becoming more available to bet on across the globe, with bets becoming increasingly personalised to tailor it to the individual bettor.

The Challenge

The challenge with this level of personalisation has been that messaging is typically focused on high profile or profitable fixtures, which would exclude bettors who are not interested in such, but more likely to engage with teams and events that are local or of interest to them. OtherLevels believes this is a missed opportunity to engage a passive audience, as our data is demonstrating that upwards of 40% or more of bettors who have been active in the prior 30 days, do not engage for periods of 7 days or more.

In-Play Vision

Today’s messaging consists of around 70% lifecycle campaigns, with the remaining 20% of messages triggered by users; with a measly 10% of messaging triggered by events. OtherLevels In-Play Solution offers a real-time, automated marketing solution that delivers more personalised, contextually-relevant content to drive betting behaviour and increase revenue.

The solution lies in sophisticated automation that can augment the decision-making that often plagues marketers about which message is right, for which user, at which time. OtherLevels In-Play Solution continues to evolve and take into account audience segments, live events, message creative, marketing channels, live odds, offers and markets to automate fixture messaging based on event feeds and real-time odds. In-Play can identify target bettors based on behaviour and expressed preferences and thus, deliver messages at scale with direct attribution and tracking.

There are four key components to OtherLevels In-Play:

1. Real-Time Event Triggers

Real-time event triggers monitor match updates, changes in bonuses, jackpots and help to manage the state of the bettor.

2. Dynamic Audience Selection

Dynamic audience selection automatically identifies and selects relevant audiences based on bets placed and other behaviours.

3. Live Data & Dynamic Content

Live and up-to-date data is streamed in real-time straight from trading, bonus and account systems so bettors will receive the latest odds, bonus and offers.

4. Automatic Message Delivery

Messages need to be delivered immediately and automatically with close to zero latency.

Some of our customers who have implemented our In-Play Solution are seeing upwards of a 9.2% increase in revenue per match – quite impressive!

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