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Mobile Commerce – Capitalising on the Multi-Device Path to Purchase

Consumers now spend an average of 174 minutes per day on their mobile phones. One BI Intelligence report projects that by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45 percent of total e-commerce.

$284 billion in sales. That number is 3X more than what was projected for 2016. BI Intelligence predicts mobile commerce will hit just 20.6 percent of overall e-commerce – $79 billion – this year. With so much mobile activity in play, why isn’t mobile commerce moving faster toward 2020-level totals?

Many mobile users take a multi-device path to purchase. One in three shoppers does research on a mobile before buying on desktop or offline (one in two among shoppers aged 18-34).

Why is this happening? Dissatisfaction with the mobile shopping or mobile buying experience. According to the results of a Facebook study,the top reasons people cited for buying on their desktop or laptop versus their smartphone or tablet included:

  • It’s easier to see all the available products on desktop/laptop (54 percent)
  • It’s difficult on a smartphone/tablet to compare products/retailers and get all of the information I need (26 percent)
  • Entering personal data (address, credit card number, etc.) is not very user friendly on mobile devices (26 percent)

Addressing these issues is a challenge for retailers. After all, it’s unlikely consumers will actually triple the amount of time they spend on their phones between now and then.

While e-commerce is increasingly a mobile-first ecosystem, it’s still very far from a mobile-only ecosystem.

To maximise outcomes in today’s multi-device landscape, marketers should embrace smart digital messaging strategies that help them reach customers right where they are on the “multi-device path” in a given moment.

With an intelligent messaging toolset, brands can automatically target consumers on the exact channel each individual end user is most likely to engage with, given their existing interaction habits and preferences. OtherLevels can assist you with developing targeted offers and high-impact, data-driven messaging tactics, helping your brand see your audience making more purchases across a range of devices and channels.

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