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Make the Most from Web Push

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Web push is an essential component of any successful messaging strategy.

Sending web push notifications will help you gain visibility and connect with end users while they’re active online.

The result? Higher conversion rates and boosted engagement across the board.

Of course, there are tips and tricks to get more out of your web push campaign. Here, we’ll dive into a few ways you can bolster your reach and communicate with your audience.

Use Custom Segmentation

Serve the right messages to the right users at the right time. Consider time of day, day of the week and the type of content in the message when you’re working through your segmentation.Users who are VIPs or highly engaged should receive different messages than lapsed users.

Connect in Real Time

Push messages are sent in real time, so always consider the user’s time preferences. The title is the first thing you user sees, so it should suggest urgency to act and click. For each message, include a title, icon, description, image, and CTA, and always select “Require Interaction.”

Be Mindful of Length

Keep notifications to 6-8 words to ensure the highest number of people engage with your product. A good rule of thumb is 10-20 characters for a title, and 45-60 characters for a message. .Reach users across the globe with strong web push messaging.

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