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Web Push Best Practices, Part 2

In our last post, we broke down the three most important traits of successful web push campaigns. This time, we’ll learn more about at three strategies you can use to boost the efficiency and reach of your web push messaging.

Get creative with CTAs

Always include a CTA. It should always be clear, concise, and compelling. Take your one opportunity to drive engagement. Whether it’s a ticket discount, a giveaway, or a special event, make sure that the action and outcome is clear to the user. Transparency creates loyal, engaged users.

Test to Optimize

To achieve optimal communication, ongoing testing is key. A/B testing is an easy way to determine what your users want. Start small and test single variables like emojis, offers, language style and CTA placement, media attachments, and timing. Create a testing plan that lasts long enough to measure impact of message changes on recipients.

Use a Multi-Channel Approach

Web Push messages are a great way to connect with opted-in users and serve them timely and relevant information. But what’s next? Follow up on other message channels that are more suitable for different kinds of content. By utilizing a multi-channel approach in your messaging strategy, you’re getting more and more touch points with your target group.

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