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How OtherLevels Can Help You to Maximise Your In-Play Revenue

OtherLevels Launches Automated, Real-Time, In-Play Messaging Solution

OtherLevels’ newly released In-Play Messaging Solution delivers personalised, contextually-relevant messages with the latest odds to help you maximise your in-play revenue.

“In-Play betting can account for up to 72% of sports betting revenues and 80% of tennis bets are placed after the match has started.” – BET365 Revenue Report 2016

Accounting for up to 72% of sports betting revenues, in-play betting is quickly becoming the largest revenue stream for many sportsbook operators. OtherLevels In-Play Messaging can increase your revenue through direct, targeted and relevant messaging at key points in sporting matches.

In-Play takes into account three key components to deliver real-time, automated messages to your audience, driving an increase in overall betting behaviour:

1. Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Target your users based on their previous in-play betting history, using personalised tag data and user events.

2. Match Events & Real-Time Triggers

OtherLevels monitors third-party sporting APIs and reacts in real-time to key match events – such as goals scored, red cards or substitutions.

3. Dynamic Messages, Live Match Data & Odds

Integrate live match data and odds into your messages in real-time, to be more relevant and increase in-play engagement.

OtherLevels will be demonstrating their In-Play Messaging Solution at
ICE Conference in London between 6-8 February, 2018.

If you’d like to learn more about OtherLevels’ In-Play Messaging or interested in a demo, contact us.