Smart Delivery: Content Centered Messaging

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Most CRM systems have a 1:1 ratio between the channel and the message. As more and more digital channels have been created, marketers had to manually input message again and again for each channel. OtherLevels wanted to provide a new approach to this archaic way of messaging by focusing on what’s important: content. Our Smart Delivery decides the best channel for any message to reach the user, taking into account the channels for which the user is eligible, their past online behavior, and the best time to reach the member. Allow our smart delivery capabilities to automate the channel delivery decisions for you, freeing you to focus on the content. 

Extended Reach 

Using multiple message types increases your campaign reach, leading to greater outcomes. By engaging with players with their preferred channel, you increase the chances of Click-Through. Add OtherLevels re-targeting to automatically retarget members if they do not respond on the initial channel. 

Engage Unknown Users 

In real-time, OtherLevels Smart Delivery has the ability to track a specific users deliverability across all our smart channels. If the user is not registered or known, OtherLevels will send the message through a no opt-in channel e.g rich inbox or interstitial to make sure your whole audience is receiving the content you want. 

Easy Cross-Channel Journeys 

No need to create unnecessary branches to encompass the multiple channels. Create a single message with multiple available channels to focus on the content of the journey and not the delivery channels. Our Journey canvas is easy to create and maintain without being cluttered with unneeded branching and channel specific messages. 

Increase Productivity 

Select an Intelligent Message within your journey and allow OtherLevels to determine the right message to send to the right user at the right time, completely removing the complexity of the marketer trying to decide the best channel to reach their audience. Allow for more time to be spent on the campaign structure and content while we make your channel decisions for you. 

OtherLevels understands what is important to marketers: compelling content that engages your users. Using OtherLevels Journeys together with Smart Delivery puts content at the forefront and revolutionizes the way we can craft and distribute messages. By allowing OtherLevels Smart Delivery to drive your channel choices, you make your job easier while also dramatically enhancing engagement.  

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