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OtherLevels Journeys: Taking Marketing Automation to the Next Level

Journeys is just one of OtherLevels’ exciting new features that are making multi-channel, real-time marketing campaigns even easier to setup and manage. We spoke to Bryan Huang, Client Success Manager, to discuss the latest version of Journeys and what makes it so radically different from other available journey tools.

How would you summarise the OtherLevels Journeys feature?

OtherLevels Journeys builds upon our existing multi-channel and real-time segmentation abilities to allow marketers to create a seamless experience for their users. It provides a visual canvas for CRM teams to create automated communication journeys, allowing them to spend less time on execution and more time experimenting and optimising. It works hand-in-hand with our traditional campaign offerings, as a complementary feature that gives more power to our marketers to utilise all possible marketing use-cases to achieve their objectives.

When creating journeys, what were some of your functionality goals?

In the past, marketers who wanted to provide alternative channels for a campaign had to build out those branches individually, deciding each time which channels should be used and under which conditions. We wanted to remove that stress and allow the marketer to focus on the creative content instead. We also wanted to streamline the process, meaning that a campaign with 3 channels and 4 messages that may have previously required 12 branches to build out, will now only require 4 simple steps. This means that with just a few clicks you can have a simple Journey up and running, and you can easily maintain that Journey over time.

What makes OtherLevels Journeys different from other companies’ journey tools?

Our Journeys tool was designed with the marketer in mind. The goal was to make their life easier, giving them the tools they need to build complex marketing campaigns in less time, with more focus on what really matters: the content. Journeys’ Smart Message Delivery makes the complicated message channel decisions for the marketer, so that all they have to do is create that content. Combined with OtherLevels’ advanced segmentation abilities, this means marketers have more control over the user experience in real time, and every message is aligned with each individual user’s behaviour and preferences.

If a client were to use Journeys to its fullest, what would that look like?

To take full advantage of OtherLevels Journeys would involve using a multi-channel approach, targeting users through their preferred messaging channel to maximise potential engagement. It would also include multiple decision splits using attribute tags and events to target users based on their behaviour and encourage progress towards the Journey objective.

What recommendations do you have for Journey beginners?

Always start by making the Journey with a clear goal or outcome defined, thinking about what each step (and therefore each message) is trying to achieve with users. This will then naturally help you to build the structure of the Journey and understand where your customers are likely to be placed within the Journey, making the whole process smoother. Grow out the complexity of the Journey as you test and learn, adding more channels as required, using our real-time results displayed right on the canvas to highlight where you need to focus your efforts.

Can you tell us more about how those real-time results work?

Journeys shows you the live results of your campaigns directly on the canvas, with a breakdown of performance and engagement for each of the channels in every step so that you can immediately see how well individual messages have performed. This helps you to understand which messages are making the most impact and driving users towards the Journey’s objectives so you can make updates to keep those results improving.

With Smart Message Delivery already available as standard to all of our clients, speak to us today about adding Journeys to your multi-channel marketing campaigns.