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OtherLevels Announces Enhanced Integration for Enterprise Marketers

OtherLevels Holdings Limited, (“OtherLevels”), a leader in mobile and web marketing engagement, today announced an enhanced integration with Salesforce, the world’s global leader in CRM and in marketing applications (IDC).

OtherLevels’ expanded integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables enterprise marketers to execute multi-channel campaigns by extending their existing Salesforce customer journeys with OtherLevels’ App Push, Interstitial, Inbox and Web Push messaging channels. This allows a marketer to create complex customer journeys that can reach and engage audiences across multiple channels.

Each message channel leverages OtherLevels’ optimisation, segmentation, event tracking, retargeting and split testing capabilities; as well as location services including beacons and geo-targeting. Existing Salesforce customers can now combine multiple message types within a customer journey, allowing marketers to reach and engage their audience wherever they are.

By integrating OtherLevels with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we are providing digital marketers with powerful options to reach users across desktop, mobile web and app, as well as engage them without a traditional email address,” said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels.

Utilising the OtherLevels plugin within Journey Builder powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enterprise marketers are able to leverage data from both Salesforce and OtherLevels to reach a wide audience, including anonymous and registered users.”

O’Kane added, “Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used by many of our customers. This enhanced integration will enable these customers to drive strong campaigns and outcomes across their audience, from top-of-funnel, unknown visitors through to known users. This adds value to our existing clients, and opens new customer opportunities for OtherLevels. We will continue to further expand this integration to ensure that OtherLevels offers an incredible messaging experience alongside Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”

The OtherLevels Journey Builder plugin for Salesforce is now available on Salesforce AppExchange.