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5 Benefits of a Rich Inbox

From emails to push notifications, digital messaging is a proven strategy for driving clicks and conversions among any brand’s audience. When it comes to growing engagement, however, few channels are as valuable as those inside a brand’s app or platform – Rich Inbox is one of them.

Rich Inboxes are email-esque and can exist within your mobile app or company website. There are unique advantages you gain from using Rich Inbox over traditional messaging channels like email and SMS.

Rich Inbox on desktop and mobile web

Here are five reasons every retailer, gaming company, loyalty program, or hotel brand should put rich inbox on their radar.

Reach 100% of Your Audience.

There is no opt-in! That means that every user of your app or website can view and engage with the rich inbox content on your desktop, mobile web and inside an app.

An Easy Avenue for Action.

90% of smartphone owners move between devices to accomplish their goals. In this multi-device marketing landscape, a key to driving outcomes from digital messaging is reaching users when and where they will be most prepared to take action on offers or promotions. With rich inbox, marketers can reach their audience at the exact moment users are already interacting with the brand, increasing the likelihood of those users being motivated to click and convert.

A New Experience, Every Time.

Consumers often get bored with apps when the newness factor wears off. Rich inboxes can help mitigate churn and boost engagement by keeping users interested. Unlike other messaging channels, the data behind rich inbox systems is synced with a server, enabling brands to ensure there’s fresh content each time a user chooses to engage with your brand. Publishers can control the content dynamically to make sure it’s timely, relevant, and actionable, compelling users to come back time and again to see what’s new.

Customisation is Endless.

What distinguishes the Rich Inbox as a channel is its look and feel. Companies can personalise their message portals with imagery, logos and colours to reinforce their branding. You could make messages viewable in eye-catching visual formats according to user preferences. For example, you could display messages as tiles instead of text to attract users’ attention. Alternatively, brands can commercialise their rich inboxes to create additional marketing opportunities. Banner ad-style headers can help drive clicks to partners or referral forms; or messaging partnerships with other brands can allow you to deploy high-value offers from advertisers from inside your own app.

Outstanding Analytics and Behavioural Insights.

What is better than seeing content which users are coming back to multiple times to engage with? If you a sports publisher, serving up and tracking tennis-related news, based on user engagement, you could continue to display relevant news items for your users. Rich inboxes offer endless ways to identify users’ unexpressed preferences.

No matter what your marketing and digital messaging goals, a branded rich inbox can go a long way in achieving them.

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