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SEP and Customer Success

At OtherLevels, we want our clients to succeed in hitting their outreach and messaging goals.

Our Sports Engagement Platform (SEP) has helped one client, a European wagering company, see major improvements in both the number of bets placed and the average value of bets using sports powered personalisation.

As the industry shifts away from product based marketing, OtherLevels SEP allows for a user-specific approach based on established player preferences. These include customizations based on bet history, favorite contest types, wagering frequency, odds ranges, and more.

This February, our client utilized SEP to boost their football outbound messaging. Compared to the non-SEP group, they saw an average of 43% more bets placed per customer and 33% more spent per customer.

The success experienced is not limited to simple metrics on bet volume and value; this audience has seen significantly less churn. Their 13% churn rate is far lower than the 35% churn rate among those not receiving SEP messages.

When video highlights were included in the messages, the SEP churn rate dropped even further to 9%.

With SEP’s live sports personalisation capabilities, operators see increased revenue and decreased churn, and greater lifetime value.

OtherLevels Sports Engagement Platform maximizes your outreach potential, reaching more players in more places. Talk to your OtherLevels point of contact to learn how SEP can revolutionize your outbound messaging