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Employee Spotlight: Ashley Yearicks

OtherLevels is growing; in capabilities, in clients, in the iGaming market and most recently, in employees! As we establish ourselves moreover every year in the North American market, we found ourselves in the exciting predicament of needing a new employee to handle our increased workload. October 18th, Ashley Yearicks started her first day at OtherLevels. Now a month later, I checked in with Ashley to get her thoughts on her time at OtherLevels

What drew you to working at OtherLevels?

Knowing that I was going to be working on a small team really piqued my interest in working at OtherLevels. Small teams enable you to make suggestions and decisions that really matter. 

Before OtherLevels, what was your background in?

Before coming to work for OtherLevels, I was mainly a data entry clerk with quite a few of years of experience under my belt. I also had some laboratory testing skills, mainly focusing on oils and fuel for most of the major transportation systems in the US, e.g. Septa, Union Pacific, MTA. I decided to make a change during COVID and finally follow my passion of programming, and here I am.

What will your position at OtherLevels entail?

My title is Associate Technical Integration Engineer. I am still learning a lot about my position, but I mainly help set up clients in the system and with their support issues. I also build different types of templates and just generally work on little things that need to be done.  

What has been your favourite part of working for OtherLevels? 

Honestly, just getting to work with Sean has been a blast so far. He’s very funny and extremely knowledgeable and I’m glad I’ll eventually learn everything he knows!

Sean Lacerte, our Technical Integration Manager, has taken Ashley under his wing to teach her all things OtherLevels, iGaming and dry humor. The duo will work together moving forward to handle client integration and support on technology issues.

What are you excited to learn moving forward?

I think I’m most looking forward to learning more of the deep technical side of programming. 

What’s one thing you learned that really stood out?

The Sports Engagement Platform is extremely intelligent in its design, and I’m surprised it wasn’t around before. 

She’s right!

Using the excitement of live sports, extend your brand and amplify value by activating those out-of-session sports betting players back into your sports betting platform, with autonomously crafted dynamic messaging powered by live sport, odds and player behaviour. 

Live sport creates infinite exciting moments for fans. Use these moments to transform your legacy lifecycle marketing campaigns into dynamic, sports powered, real-time marketing with the sports your players love. 

The result – stronger brand loyalty and higher gross revenue.

What is your favourite OtherLevels’ product or feature?

I would say Interstitials mainly because I’ve been spending so much time with them lately.

To help clients easily and quickly create dynamic content, Sean has had Ashley create new interstitial templates that will fit seamlessly in any website or app. Interstitials offer the ability to deliver powerful calls to actions at any point in the user journey. You have complete flexibility over your content across web and mobile apps, with the ability to target individual or a specific group of users via real-time segmentation. Rest assured, your VIPs will not be receiving the onboarding offer.

What assets do you think you bring to team? 

I bring a fresh perspective as someone completely outside of this business until now.  I also bring what some have called a “workhorse” type work ethic.

Ashley has been an amazing asset to our team. She told the truth about her work ethic, she can WORK! We’re excited to see where Ashley will take her passion for programming in our company.

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