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G2E OtherLevels Highlights!

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The Global Gaming Expo, better known as G2E, was held at the Venetian Expo over 4 days; October 4-7th. Industry leaders across the globe were finally able to meet in person for the first time since 2019 to showcase their products, strengthen their network and discover new innovations! Our own Jenny Lu and Sean Lacarte travelled across country and state lines to attend the Las Vegas Event.

Although they gained a multitude of valuable knowledge and created even more memories, there were a few things that stood out to them as they made their way back home!

An event well ran

The event was unable to happen last year due to Covid but this year, the team at the Global Gaming Expo and American Gaming Association didn’t let that stop them this year. With a whole new set of rules and regulations that needed to be abided by, it was evident the organizers worked extremely hard to make this event as fun and as easy as possible. Lines were short, booths were distanced, and staff was attentive!

There’s no substitute for face-to-face

With the largest gaming convention cancelled last year, this is one of the first chances many had to reconnect with business partners in person. Throughout the pandemic, we did what was necessary to keep business going but as per Jenny Lu

 ‘…getting back to seeing people in person and the quality of the conversations we had. No amount of Zoom meetings can replace that.’ And it’s true! The air almost vibrated with all the excitement and intrigue as attendees came to WORK. Almost all attendees were extremely open to conversations on solutions and collaborations, seemingly moreso than years before. Maybe it was the two year wait? Either way, although a lot of fun was had, the amount of work that got done was tremendous!

But the industry is evolving

From the event, they saw the casino industry shifting in a new direction as the market grows, other industries are starting to become interested in getting their foot into the casino world. Jenny Lu found, ‘It’s not just about the gambling aspect, but a lot is about the engagement of fans/players. With this, the industry is start[ing] to approach a new level of maturity, where it’s not just about speed to market anymore, and they are starting to look at innovation and product development and standing out from the crowd.’ The maturity in the field shows greatly in the shift of conversation towards player acquisition and retention. As specialists in this, OtherLevels is excited to add quality products and knowledge to the discourse.

Unveiling the Sports Engagement Platform

As a first time attendee, Sean Lacarte was floored by the sheer magnitude and diversity of products within the casino industry: ‘One booth might be trying to demonstrate a new slot game that they created but right next to them would be a new way for players to make digital transactions and exchange those digital funds for chips for a table game.’ The event really was a casino wonderland! OtherLevels was honoured to share a booth with Genius Sports. There we had the chance to showcase our newest product, Sports Engagement Platform! Sean created a demo betting simulator to give interested parties the ability to see how our SEP works against a real game! With the ability to add bets, add in preferences and deposit ‘money’, they were able to showcase our product in a way that was engaging, fun and informative.

OtherLevels would like to thank the Global Gaming Expo and American Gaming Association for working so hard to accommodate and put together such a great convention!  If you didn’t get a chance to speak with us and would like to learn more on how OtherLevels’ products can take your outbound marketing to a whole other level, email us at or check out our information page!

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