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OtherLevels Next Generation
Sports Engagement Platform

Live sports powered engagement, delivering sophisticated personalized content combining live sports, markets and player behavior

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Personalized, Real-Time
iGaming Solutions

Personalized messaging powered by sophisticated content, recommendations and real-time player behavior

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Personalized, Automated
iLottery Solutions

Seamlessly automated real-time messaging for draws, jackpots, instants and free2play offers

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Sports and Customer Engagement Platform

Intelligent Messaging - Real-time Multi-channel Messaging built to maximize reach and engagement

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Acquire sooner. Engage smarter. Retain longer.

Reduce acquisition costs, drive retention and increase revenue, with relevant, intelligent messaging.

Acquire sooner. Engage smarter. Retain longer.
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OtherLevels unique Sports Engagement Platform

Drive engagement with live action content powered by live sports, odds and betting.

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Real-time Lottery customer experiences. Jackpot!!

Drive engagement with personalised real-time customer experiences powered by live Lottery data.

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Real-time iGaming customer experiences

Drive engagement with personalised real-time customer experiences, powered by live iGaming data.


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OtherLevels provides the platform and the knowledge to help you increase conversion and deliver the right content, to the right user, at the right time, on the right channel.

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Real-Time Engagement to Increase Customer Connections

Whether it is live in the moment sports action, or the excitement of an increasing lottery jackpot, OtherLevels seamlessly creates personalised customer experiences combining multiple data sources, content libraries and player behaviour, to maximise customer connection. Replace generic CRM lifecycle marketing with directly relevant high impact sports, iGaming and lottery experiences.

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Drive Growth with Data Driven Marketing

Data is at the centre of all decisioning, personalisation and real-time messaging. Sophisticated event processing and external data feeds combined with player behavioural data, power and enhance both content creation and messaging delivery. The result – content rich engagement experiences that are super contextually relevant.

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Use Intelligent Messaging to Deliver Cross-Channel Campaigns

Ingest real-time events and data seamlessly and dynamically create target audiences. Optimise campaigns in minutes and intuitively create personalised real-time customer journeys integrated with live experiences. Deliver owned media at scale to both known and unknown customers using a mix of opted-in and no opt-in messaging types.

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Learn From The Experts

Our team will help you build a strategy for long term customer value and increased retention, with sophisticated analytics and deep digital marketing expertise.


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