Dear Marketers, Quit Worrying So Much about Consumers Who Opt Out

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The marketers we talk to are under a lot of pressure. They’re asked to produce more sales, attract more customers, boost revenue, generate leads, find new customers and conduct their marketing efforts in an omni-channel environment. The Economist dubs it the age of the “entrepreneurial CMO.”

Marketers’ expertise also now encompasses the current mobile environment, an ever-evolving platform in which nearly every consumer today owns a smartphone and expects their favorite brands to be mobile-enabled too, ready to engage and be fully connected from any mobile device anywhere, and at any time.

As a result, brands and companies sometimes develop and launch apps or digital campaigns into an environment in which they’re uncertain about the most effective strategies and tactics for conversing and interacting with mobile customers.

In the many discussions we’ve had with marketers, we find they often scale back their mobile campaigns because of concerns or anxieties about push notifications and mobile apps, such as:

  • If we ask them to accept push notifications, they’ll just say no anyway.”
  • “Sure we send push messages, but very infrequently because we don’t want consumers to opt out.”
  • “We have to be careful about push messaging, because we don’t want to offend/upset our consumers by sending too many.”

We’ve got an entire (free!) white paper on this topic

Thankfully, some knowledge, expertise and data can calm those fears and get mobile marketers – and their campaigns – back on the success track. We’ve just written an entire white paper out the topic, and you can download it for free here.

In essence, those trained marketers are saying they’re more worried about offending consumers who are NOT interested in their brand, product or service than they are about leveraging the value of avid, eager consumers who are ready and willing to engage with promotions, incentives and personalized messages. Astute marketers understand the weakness of that argument, and will embrace new strategies and tactics that zero in on an eager mobile audience that’s already opted-in and waiting for more.

For the first time in marketing, brands can converse individually with the mobile-carrying consumer, gleaned from the consumer’s activities, location, current interests, known preferences and other interests based on available data. The smartphone, in effect, removes the guesswork of messaging, opening the door for marketers who are equipped and ready to serve consumers with the kind of personalized content, offers and interactions they want and have agreed to receive by opting in.

Now isn’t that a wonderful thing?


To learn more about the new mobile messaging mindset, why not download our new white paper, Hung Up on Opt Outs? Or give us a call at 415-697-2130 in the US or on 020 3608 6012 if you’re in the UK.