Retailers Face New Challenges and Opportunities Ahead with ‘Mobile-First’ Shoppers

Having survived the chaotic holiday season, retailers now face important decisions about keeping shoppers engaged, satisfied and loyal.

Hyper-connected to their smartphones, today’s shoppers engage with retailers simultaneously on their mobiles devices as they physically navigate a store’s aisles.

As noted in a recent Retail Online Integration piece, retailers must identify key challenges and opportunities with “mobile-first” shoppers to be on track for success this year.

The key challenge retailers face is trying to capture consumers’ attention at the ideal moment of mobile engagement; and create mobile marketing experiences so tantalizing, relevant and timely that shoppers can’t turn away or say no. Difficult, to say the least!

With emerging beacon technologies, retailers can both launch better and more effective interactions with shoppers and use existing consumer data and tailored profiles to craft offers that are personalized and meaningful.

With challenges also come opportunities! For retailers, the opportunity lies in making sure the mobile “conversation” is just as friendly, helpful, productive and satisfying as a positive, personal encounter with a salesperson.

For example, in-store shoppers who encounter a one-day sale or a special offer from a sales associate should also be able to receive those same incentives on their mobile devices.

Retailers who can identify mobile challenges and opportunities can also take advantage of mobile tools and resources to drive foot traffic, promote more spending through incentives, and attract loyal shoppers.

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2015 Calls for More Mobile App Sophistication and Contextual Relevance

Happy New Year from OtherLevels!

With a new year comes new opportunities, and for marketers, that means starting to think about what factors and trends are going to be critical to success in the next 12 months. As mentioned in a Target Marketing article published earlier this month, mobile success in 2015 will rely on how well marketers execute their strategies to support broader user acceptance of mobile technologies and initiatives.

The first trend is the emergence of “geo-awareness” a more elevated way of using “geo-fencing” and “geo-location” technologies. Geo-awareness takes into consideration not only a customer’s location but the actual surrounding environment, such as weather conditions, relative location, or the fact that a particular consumer is in a city different from his or her hometown.

Another trend focuses on increased deployment and adoption of mobile apps. Brands that have not yet adopted mobile apps as extensions of their catalogs, email newsletters and websites will have to consider jumping on the bandwagon in 2015, since mobile is becoming the primary avenue for consumer-to-brand interactions.

As apps become more prevalent, they also need to become more personalized, niche or contextual. Instead of thinking “big”, marketers should think “targeted” for apps that will appeal to smaller but more highly engaged audiences.

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Personalization Is Key For Mobile For This Year’s Holiday Season 

Mobile activity is going to increase exponentially as the holiday season arrives. Shoppers tend to think very personally about all the special “someones” on their gift lists, keen on finding just the right thing for each one, and as such, marketers should approach mobile with the same personalized messaging.

This Mobile Commerce Daily article explores how marketers can use personalization techniques to increase their value to customers during the busy holiday season. Marketers can target their customers with far greater precision and knowledge, offering Christmas promotions and other rewards based on their known interests, location and the recency or frequency of interactions with their mobile app.

The holiday season is the best time for brands to launch more optimized mobile campaigns that continue on into the new year but to do that, marketers need the underlying analytics and data about shoppers’ mobile activities.

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Mobile Marketers Should Take Advantage of Mobile as The Best Screen

We’ve been glued to our televisions for decades, but have consumers finally come unglued? Or maybe glued to another screen?

In a recent Mobile Marketer article, I was able to share my thoughts on the topic:

The reality is that the mobile trend has been growing 50 percent per year for the last 15 years. There are currently 5.1 billion mobile devices in the world, and we’re approaching full saturation for every human who walks the earth. And what’s also important about this trend is that the primary mode of interaction for millennials in the 18-35 demographic is the mobile device.”
- Ramsey Masri, CEO of OtherLevels

So what should marketers do now that consumers have migrated screens?


Do what they have always done and adapt, analyze, and target their messages to ensure the right delivery!

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How to Make Cyber Monday a Mobile Monday with These Mobile Messaging Strategies

In the mobile marketing space, there are a lot of suggestions floating around about what brands should do for the holidays.

In this DM News Article, some of OtherLevels’ suggestions included investing in measurement, considering weather alerts, and testing mobile applications before they go live.

We suggested that retailers should “ride the Cyber Monday wave by creating mobile-only specials for that day” and to “focus on orders placed via the mobile app, for example, or offer a special mobile discount that can be redeemed and tracked in-store.”

The holiday sales aren’t going to make themselves, so marketers would do well to utilize mobile to its fullest potential. 

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