Why Should Digital Publishers Invest in Smarter Messaging?

Why Should Digital Publishers Invest in Smarter Messaging?

Digital publishers in 2016 are facing a challenging business environment, in which the customer (or reader) is always king… even if that customer doesn’t pay for content.

To succeed in the rapidly growing online media landscape, publishers put their audiences first – with a priority focus on delivering high-quality content that readers will value.

But with 78.4% of digital publishers offering some form of free content, monetisation remains a challenge across the sector (even as more and more publishers enter the space). Even with excellent content, killer branding, and a smart revenue model, engaging new and existing customers is no easy feat for digital publishers of any size or reach.

In today’s competitive online marketing environment, digital publishers must look outside of audience growth to scale their businesses over time (no matter how great their content). In 2016 and beyond, growth requires stronger focus on retention, engagement, and loyalty – and that requires a comprehensive approach to digital messaging.

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