The Anatomy Of A Successful Omnichannel Marketer

The Anatomy Of A Successful Omnichannel Marketer

Marketers have always had an understanding of what it takes to run campaigns across multiple channels.

However, being omnichannel is a different proposition. “Customers engage brands via mobile apps, as well as desktop and mobile web apps on a daily basis,” says Derek Strong, general manager, North America for OtherLevels.

“More than 60% of adults use at least two devices every day. Increasingly, these customers start an activity on one device and end it on another. For instance, customers may search for products on a mobile phone while on the go and complete the purchase on their laptop at home later that evening.

“Brands must be able to develop one-to-one customer relationships through delivering contextually relevant and personalised experiences based on how users engage with them. This is an imperative in enabling marketers to create emotional connections with their customers.”

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