OtherLevels Adds US-based Publishing Client

OtherLevels Adds US-based Publishing Client

OtherLevels Holdings Limited announces that it has signed an agreement with a New York based online publisher.

Attracting up to a 1m visitors a month, the client provides a platform for book reviews and user commentary. OtherLevels will be used across both web and app properties in an initial $40,000 engagement.

OtherLevels will address the major challenge of rising acquisition costs and low conversion rates for site visitors, a problem faced by many online publishers. Typically, visitors visit a publishing site, read content and then depart without “converting” – without registering or providing an email address. Hence the publisher is unable to drive further engagement, and in many cases has to pay to reacquire the visitor again through online advertising and retargeting. Publishing sites frequently drive their monetisation strategies using the number of registered users so increasing this metric is critically important.

Because OtherLevels has invested heavily in web-based technologies, led by Web Push notifications and in-page Inboxes, they can provide engagement solutions that do not depend on email addresses, and can engage the user even when they are not on the publisher’s site. OtherLevels can reduce acquisition costs, and via working with the publisher on conversion targeted use journeys, will also increase registrations and email capture, leading to higher site monetisation for the publisher.

Brendan O’Kane the OtherLevels CEO commented,

“This is a further win for OtherLevels in the publishing sector. Publishing is a truly global sector, and we know from conversations with both UK and US publishers, that they share exactly these challenges. OtherLevels capability to increase conversions and reduce acquisition costs is exactly the response that publishers need when they are faced with low conversions and increasing costs of acquisition through traditional online channels such as Facebook and Google. We are excited about the potential of the sector and the likelihood of adding additional similar clients.”