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Jenny Lu Speaks at the All American Sports Betting Summit

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Join us on April 8th as our North American General Manager, Jenny Lu speaks at The All-American Sports Betting Summit. Centering the conversation around player acquisition and retention strategies, she will be accompanied by the likes of Bill Pascrell, III (BP3), Ismail Vali, Matthew Kelemen at the New York event.

With its first event happening in 2019, AASBS looks to bring together internationally acclaimed sports betting professionals while creating a space of collaboration and innovation for the ever-growing American market. Regulations are constantly changing with the sports betting legalization making waves across the nation so Eventus wanted to fill the informational gaps by having industry experts present.

“…We strive to give delegates well researched information, the best speakers from around the world and face-to face meetings with experienced software companies.” Jordan Crossley, Conference Producer, Eventus International.

And one of those software companies is us, the team at OtherLevels. The OtherLevels mobile marketing platform includes sophisticated segmentation, targeting, and retargeting tools, and supports a wide variety of mobile messaging formats across native App and mobile web platforms. OtherLevels’ goal is to provide the marketer with the tools to deliver the right content, to the right user, at the right time, using the best format and channel. OtherLevels provides enterprise-level integration with business intelligence and CRM platforms to enhance and extend the delivery of relevant content.

“…We hope to connect leaders with leaders as we always do. This time the leaders will be trading experience for opportunity, and creating new possibilities” – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director, Eventus International.

That truly encapsulates why OtherLevels’ wanted to be a part of this event! Bringing our team of marketing experts and state-of-the-art platform to the eyes of industry leaders to mutually grow!