Maximise Your In-Play Revenue

Leverage automated, real-time, in-play messaging to increase engagement, conversion and revenue.

The In-Play Challenge

The In-Play Challenge

Modern sportsbook customers expect personalised betting experiences, with real-time, event-driven betting.

This is a major challenge for sportsbooks looking to retain market share and increase customer engagement for high-value, in-play customer segments.

A common response is to add extra marketing staff to manually send messages during a handful of high-profile sporting events.

This does not scale.

OtherLevels In-Play

OtherLevels In-Play is an automated, real-time solution combining event feeds, live odds, sophisticated condition evaluation, dynamic message content and smart segmentation based on historic betting data.

Messages are configured to autonomously launch as the action unfolds, when specific events and conditions are met.

Powerful message templating and automation lets In-Play quickly scale across sports, leagues and matches, without the need for increased resourcing.


Messages are triggered in real-time by key match events, e.g. a goal scored, half-time or a penalty, under configurable conditions, such as elapsed time, the current score or the live odds for a specific market.

Real-Time In-Play Timeline


Easily deliver messaging that combines live odds, real-time match data and historical user data into contextually-relevant, personalised content.


In-Play Smart Segmentation provides a continuous, sophisticated analysis of 3-6 months of your audience betting history.

It automatically creates dynamic segments for each sporting event, analysing sport, event, betting cadence, stake value and markets to maximise the likelihood of betting engagement.


Deliver message content across App / Web Push and SMS to activate those customers who are offline. Maximise reach with real-time analytics and automatic retargeting across alternative channels.

In-Play Messaging Examples


Master template sets, containing both content and conditions, together with auto-detection of upcoming sporting fixtures, trigger messaging across leagues and matches.


In-Play provides a simple, lightweight implementation, with sophisticated ready-to-use triggers, conditions and content templates for supported sports and betting markets.

In-Play comes pre-integrated with live event feeds from leading sports data providers. Our expert services teams work closely with you to ensure campaign success.

Key Benefits

  • Drive in-play engagement at scale.
  • Increase audience betting velocity.
  • Strengthen long-term audience engagement.
  • Engage new in-play audiences.
  • Scale massively across matches, leagues and sports.
  • Global, 24×7 campaigns, without additional staff.