How To Target Anonymous Shoppers Online

How To Target Anonymous Shoppers Online

Across the online retail environment, 69 per cent of e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned during the checkout process – costing retailers millions in lost purchases and missed re-marketing and loyalty opportunities.

To decrease levels of cart abandonment among online customers, retailers deploy various marketing strategies to re-engage with shoppers and invite them back to apps or websites to complete the checkout process.

Emails and retargeting ads, on Facebook or elsewhere, can be highly effective at lowering cart abandonment rates – especially when partnered with smart promotional tactics such as discounts, free shipping offers, or most notably personalised content.

A whopping 40 per cent of consumers buy more from retailers who personalise the shopping experience across channels.

But personalisation requires knowing the person who is shopping. It takes a wealth of high-quality data about a known customer’s brand interactions across all digital touchpoints, including website, mobile site and app, to understand his or her preferences and habits.

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