Brendan O'Kane
CEO and Managing Director, Otherlevels

How Halfbrick Automated Its In-Game Messaging To Drive Player Engagement

22 JUL 2016 5 MIN READ

With more and more developers continually entering the mobile gaming space, competition is heating up - placing pressure on gaming companies to consistently deliver at the top of their 'game' or risk losing their most active players to newer market entrants.

Developers are responding to the pressure with innovation, investing in everything from virtual reality to wearable-tech gameplay and expanding their social media integrations.

They're also using data to analyse (and improve) the player experience: * Daily active users, * Number of installs, * Number of games played, * Time per session, and * Revenue per user

are just a few of the metrics they monitor to assess their performance.

At their core, however, all of their product development goals and KPIs circle back to one all-important objective: boosting player engagement levels.

Developers know that engagement is the engine driving retention, loyalty, and revenue across the mobile gaming sector.

The most impactful avenue for driving engagement and cultivating player insights is digital messaging, where leading developers like Halfbrick Studios are investing in new strategies designed to cultivate higher-quality data and drive stronger marketing results.

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