Brendan O'Kane
CEO and Managing Director, Otherlevels

Why Fruit Ninja Developer Went To An Analytics Bootcamp

12 MAR 2016 5 MIN READ

Mobile gaming is more a science than an art, and that’s a problem for some developers that are heavy on creativity and lacking in a capacity to crunch through data. That’s why one company is offering a boot camp-style crash course to help studios better understand their players.

OtherLevels is a services company for mobile developers that specialises in keeping players engaged in free-to-play games. The company does this by recognizing patterns in behavior and then targeting certain kinds of people with various types of messages to get them to return to a game they enjoy. After implementing these techniques, Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick saw a 34 percent increase in active players and 100 percent increase in revenue for games like Jetpack Joyride.

To help studios like Halfbricks (along with ZeptoLabs and online gambling site Bwin), OtherLevels has a software toolkit that and a “FastStart? program. The former is something developers can use on their own while the former has OtherLevels running a game’s leadership team through a 12-to-16-week course to help them better surface and act on important data. On top of the FastStart classes, OtherLevels can also form a lasting partnership with a developer like the one it has had for the last three and a half years with Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick. Mobile gaming is worth $34.8 billion, and keeping engagement high is a key piece to capturing that revenue, which is why a firm like OtherLevels is thriving.

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