Dominic Garibaldi
UX, UI & Creative Manager, OtherLevels

3 Smart Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch

24 MAR 2016 5 MIN READ

2015 marked the first year that mobile traffic exceeded desktop internet use (at least in the U.S.), and 2016 is poised for even greater smartphone and tablet engagement among consumers.

Given larger technology trends and developments, consumers’ growing use of mobile devices is not all that surprising, but it is game-changing – especially when it comes to motivating consumers to action.

Take advertising, for example. As the global media environment shifted from its print origins to its online present, the industry became entrenched in the idea that they were trading print dollars for digital dimes and, ultimately, mobile pennies. Yet that’s no longer the case: As digital advertising observers noted earlier this year, Facebook’s shift from primarily-desktop to primarily-mobile has led to higher engagement and average revenue per user – meaning that in 2016, mobile users are far more valuable to advertisers than “pennies” are.

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