Big Data & Machine Learning – A Powerful Combination for Marketers

Big Data & Machine Learning – A Powerful Combination for Marketers

Consumers engage with brands from multiple devices, at varying times throughout their day, for varying reasons.

Brand marketers must reach each customer with the most relevant content at the right time. This content, whether it is a message, promotion, or information, must be delivered over the channel that is optimal for that particular customer. However, this is not an easy task for marketers.

  • Will an email or text message reach one consumer segment more effectively than another?
  • If an app user ignores an initial text message about a pending opportunity or promotion, how should the follow-up message be targeted or re-targeted?
  • If a hotel guest begins a destination search on the web and shifts activities to a smartphone, which channel is the ideal avenue for a marketer’s follow-up message or offer of help?

These multi-channel challenges are intertwined with what Gartner describes as the merging of offline and online marketing, with 61 per cent of leading marketing executives saying their digital marketing budgets will rise in 2016. Boosts in spending, of course, bring higher expectations for marketers to link their efforts to tangible results and revenue, according to the same Gartner survey.

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