In this 1:1 session
we’ll show you how to leverage the OtherLevels 2.0 platform
to accelerate your cross-channel marketing efforts.

OtherLevels 2.0 Platform

“OtherLevels 2.0 allows us to reach our customers wherever they are – across mobile or the web – and increase engagement through very targeted messaging, driving new levels of retention, engagement, and loyalty across our existing customer base.”
– James Shaw, Chief Marketing Officer of Sykes Cottages.

We’ll guide you through the process of implementing a sophisticated mobile marketing platform that’ll help improve your user retention and revenue. We’ll also show you how OtherLevels helps to:

  • Measure & Analyze User Behavior
  • Segment Your Audience (Target specific niche markets)
  • Improve Overall User Experience (By eliminating spam messages)
  • Connect Analytics & Marketing To Drive User Revenue, Engagement and Loyalty
  • Reduce Early User Churn
  • Engage Your Audience Across Multiple Channels: Web Push, Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Rich Inbox, Geo-triggered Notification

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